I'm delighted to share with you that our collective efforts and support have led to a successful campaign, with me, Konrad Narth, securing the nomination to represent the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba for La Verendrye. This achievement comes on the heels of Dennis Smook's commendable tenure. As he steps back, I step forward with a commitment to continue our shared values and progress.


Dedication To Community Service

My lifelong dedication to community service, combined with my active involvement in the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba, has culminated in this moment where I extend my service to our community and province. The journey to the nomination was one of connection and dialogue, as I reached out to the residents of La Verendrye, understanding the importance of every single voice and vote.

For those who extended their support, know that it is received with deep gratitude. For others who wish to engage and renew their membership, or encourage others to do so, I remain open and eager to communicate. Whether it's through email, text, phone calls, or in-person meetings, my goal is to be accessible to you.

With the nomination date behind us, we now look forward to the preparation for the provincial election. Your continued engagement is invaluable, and I'm keen to keep the lines of communication open. My personal contact details remain at your disposal for any discussions or inquiries about my vision for La Verendrye and our future. Together, we're embarking on a path of dedicated representation and forward-thinking leadership for our residents in the upcoming provincial election. Let's continue this journey with the same momentum and shared commitment that brought us this victory.